The College of Investigative and Remedial Consulting Engineers of Australia, CIRCEA, was founded in 1986 by a group of specialist members of the Association of Consulting Engineers Australia (ACEA).



The College of Investigative and Remedial Consulting Engineers of Australia, CIRCEA, was founded in 1986 by a group of specialist members of the Association of Consulting Engineers Australia (ACEA).  However, there is no direct affiliation between CIRCEA and ACEA.

The founding members identified the need for a professional body which could provide education and cross-referral for engineers involved in investigative, remedial and forensic matters in all disciplines of engineering.

CIRCEA provides guidance to educational institutions, government agencies, based on the experience of its members, gained by analysing engineering failures and technical input for public failures and safety inquiries.

CIRCEA became an Incorporated Association under the NSW Associations Act in January 1990.


CIRCEA Members

Members are experienced in forensic engineering and risk management. Investigative and Remedial consultancy services provided by CIRCEA members cover all facets of engineering from foundation failures to electronic disturbances related to electromagnetic interference and compatibility within today's technological environment.

CIRCEA members are senior engineering practitioners, having considerable experience in their respective fields of expertise. As professional engineers, members will liaise with their clients to establish the scope of services required and thereafter provide the services contracted to the completion of the project or matter as applicable.

If you are in any doubt concerning the ability of CIRCEA to deal with your project or matter, please phone the College Secretariat and ask - Sydney +61 (02) 9488 8842


CIRCEA Membership

To be a Full Member of CIRCEA an engineer needs to have at least 20 years of experience, a Fellow of CIRCEA needs to have at least 30 years of experience.

Membership of CIRCEA is also available to:

  • Allied professionals [lawyers, insurers, building consultants, etc.] as an affiliate.
  • Less experienced engineers as Graduate and Associate Members.

The consultancy services provided by members cover all facets of engineering from foundation & excavation failures to environmental issues & electromagnetic interference.


The College's activities include
CIRCEA represents specialist chartered consulting engineers practicing in the fields of investigative, remedial & forensic engineering. These activities include:

Key Points Include

Correspondence with institutions and associations with whom contact is made in the course of investigative and forensic practice.
Advice on appropriate commercial Terms of Engagement’ for its members.
Listing of the fields of expertise of its members on the CIRCEA website.
Regular educational seminars for the benefit of engineers and allied professionals.
Dissemination of technical material publications relevant to members.
Maintaining a registry of experts and forensic engineers for cross referral to members and others.
A library facility at the Pymble Secretariat which contains many ‘superseded’ standards and other references that are relevant to engineering practice in former time periods.
Networking opportunities peer review between CIRCEA members.
The Aims and Objectives of CIRCEA
The objectives of CIRCEA can be summarised as:

Key Points Include

To advance the level of forensic & forensic engineering expertise in Australia.
To maintain and advance the competence of members of the College.
To promote the education of engineers in the investigative, remedial and forensic fields.
To cooperate with the applicable national and international bodies and engineers who offer professional services to the public.
To promote research, development and improved practice in forensic engineering.
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